Paradigm Shifting: The Power Of Positive Thinking

Success starts with a state of mind. Christopher Columbus knew it. Thomas Edison Psikey Dll lived it. Michael Dell and Bill Gates believe it. And Marcus Aurelius said it, “"Our life is what our thoughts make of it… A man's true greatness lies in the consciousness of an honest purpose in life, founded on a just estimate of himself…”

You may ask why this is so. The formula for this is quite simple.

1. What you believe, you act on. Action begins with, and is instigated by, belief. You can not act on something that you do not, at some level, believe in, whether you are in favor of, or in opposition to, a particular Golden Triangle Tours India idea or ideal, that position is held firm by your belief.

2. What you act on, you manifest. Any action you take results in some consequence. Every action in the universe is met with and equal reaction. Whether you are starting a conversation with a stranger, trying to learn new things, or simply looking at the food in your pantry, any action you take regarding these things WILL RESULT in a tangible “re-action”. Perhaps it will be a new friendship. Perhaps it will be deeper knowledge achieved through your research. Perhaps it will simply be dinner!

3. What you manifest creates your reality. This is your personal paradigm.

The only variable in this process is the strength and duration of your belief. If The People's Program: People Helping People your belief is not strong, if it weak or vacillating, then you are not likely to act on it. If you do not act on it, then you can not manifest it and it can not become part of your reality; your personal paradigm.

This is quite difficult for most people to comprehend, and even more difficult to implement. We All About Motorola Tablet PCs have a tendency to repeat old mistakes and resist change, although we know deep down inside that change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same forever. There is an old saying that defines insanity as the expectation that acting in Wintrust Dll the same way will produce different results.

People who are successful and happy are people who have mastered the art of change. They are not afraid to revisit their prior actions and approach their goal differently, so that Unstall Software they are NOT acting in the same way while expecting different results. They are not afraid to move Psychology Of The Sales Professional out of their comfort zones. Rather, they understand that in order for growth to occur, they must have the courage to live outside their comfort zones. Page 220 of Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life states this truth eloquently and he writes, "There is no growth without change; no change without fear or loss; no loss without pain." Successful people know this, and do not let fear, the occasional set back (i.e. interim failure), or doubt alter their vision or deter them from their goal.

Having a definitive, crystalline goal is the first step in forming your personal paradigm. You MUST be able to visualize the final end product or outcome of your goal What Are Giclee Prints or the end-product. It must be a singular achievement that you are passionate about.

Christopher Columbus KNEW that he could sail west and not fall off a flat planet. He hoped to find India. He happened to stumble into America, but nonetheless, he sailed west and lived to tell about it!

Thomas Edison KNEW he could create a practical incandescent lightbulb. He tested over 3000 filaments before he found one that worked, but he did it; and he revolutionized the world!

Michael Dell KNEW that he could overtake the computer behemoth IBM; and look at him now. Bill Gates KNOWS that eventually “every home will have a personal computer.” He is well on his way to achieving that vision.

Goals, such as these, are not achieved overnight. All worthwhile achievements take time. So you must be patient, consistent, and persistent in your effort. You Block Popups must have the faith to BELIEVE in your goals to maintain your desire to succeed.

By knowing this truth, you can begin to shape and mold your reality by taking steps, every day, to create a crystalline vision of what your want your reality to be. Be prepared, however, because this is not easy. It takes work. It takes courage. And, most of all, it takes the fortitude of persistence so that you put aside all thoughts of and encounters with failure, and you view failure as an opportunity or an obstacle to overcome, but not an end in and of itself.

However, once you have formed your vision; once you have set your crystalline goal as a fixture into your thoughts, you WILL begin to take action toward your goal. It is inevitable. All action is instigated by your belief. Further, what you act on, you manifest. Therefore, you will soon find yourself attracting opportunities, ideas, solutions, and people who can and will propel you toward achieving your goals.

Success is no secret that is available only to an elite few. It is available to everyone, all the time. It is the certainty of the power that you possess - the power of your own beliefs to create and manifest your own personal paradigm; you success paradigm.

So I ask you, what is your paradigm? What Do You Believe?

(c) 2006, Amy M. Potavin

Ms. Potavin's business is to provide the means that allows you to discover, unlock and harness your hidden talents, inspiring you to live fully AND purposefully; to acknowledge your achievements and accept your downfalls; and allow yourself the opportunity to BELIEVE in your abilities and SUCCEED in your professional and personal life. See Amy’s profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/potavin06, or visit her Uninstall Service Packs at http://www.believe-network.com
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Finding Family Travel Deals

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Face To Face Negotiation

In our age of ever-expanding communication possibilities, researchers have been drawn to answer the question of which communication 4 Forgettable Seasons For Four NFL Teams During Four Decades mode is most likely to lend itself to successful negotiation. Although the answer is undetermined, Face-to-face communication has been proven to have a greater possibility of alleviating miscommunication. When you’re in person, you are more apt to pick up all the nuances of the exchange. That way, you will be better able to gauge what the other party is thinking and to determine the direction in which the negotiating is headed.

For the same reasons, it is also easier to create and maintain rapport. If there is already a fair amount of tension in the air, however, negotiating by phone can take the edge off, can provide breathing room and can minimize the effectiveness of any pressure tactics that may have been employed. E-mail’s main advantage is that both parties have control over saying exactly what they want to say and how they want to say it. Since there is no ebb and flow to live conversation, the involved parties can keep the floor as long as they want. On the flip side, e-mailing can tend to make the negotiating parties less restrained and more impulsive in their communication. This rashness isn’t always a bad thing, but it definitely can be if tensions exist. One study found that abrupt and unmannerly exchanges occurred 102 times when Download Free Sound Drivers negotiating via e-mail as opposed to only 12 times when negotiating face-to-face.

Understanding Personality Directions

A personality direction is the way in which we lean most of the time in terms of the way we act and react to most stimuli. We hate to be boxed in and categorized, but the reality is, most of Delete Web History the time we are predictable. Sure, people aren’t going to be 100 percent predictable all the time, but the more discerning you become, the more you will see how predictable individuals really are.

When you analyze personality directions, ask yourself the following maytwfiveoxwall questions:

I. Is your audience mostly logical or emotional?

A. Logical people:

1. Think with their heads

2. Go with what makes sense

3. Are persuaded by facts, figures and statistics

4. Rely on past history

5. Use their five senses

B. Emotional people:

1. Think with their hearts

2. Go with what feels right

3. Are persuaded by emotions

4. Rely on intuition

5. Use their “sixth sense”

II. Is your audience introverted or extroverted?

A. Extroverted people:

1. Love to communicate

2. Are talkative

3. Involve others

4. Tend to be public people

5. Want face-to-face contact

B. Introverted people:

1. Keep their feelings inside

2. Listen more than they talk

3. Like to work solo

4. Tend to be private

5. Use memos and e-mails over face-to-face communication

III. Is your audience motivated more by inspiration or desperation?

A. Desperation-motivated people:

1. Try to get away from the problem

2. Are stuck in the past, are afraid of repeating mistakes

3. Avoid pain

4. Want to Defeating The Homework Blues get away from something

B. Inspiration-motivated people:

1. Work towards a solution

2. See a better future

3. Are motivated by pleasure

4. Want to move forward, have vision

IV. Are your audience members or prospects assertive or amiable?

A. Assertive people:

1. Consider results more important than relationships

2. Make decisions quickly

3. Want to be in control

4. Are task-oriented

5. Don’t waste time

6. Are independent

B. Amiable people:

1. Consider relationships more important than results

2. Are friendly and loyal

3. Like to build Microsoft It 50202 Msi relationships

4. Are great listeners

5. Avoid contention

6. Are nonassertive and agreeable

The more you understand personality directions, the better you will How to Find Good Summer Camps be able to customize your negotiation tactics. Each individual’s personality direction will dictate how you customize your message.

Everyone persuades for a living. Whether you’re a sales professional, an entrepreneur, or a stay at home parent, you must convince Computer Freezes others to your way of thinking. Find out Help With Panic Attack more Internet Settings at www.PreWealth.com and get my free report "10 Costly Mistakes."
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